Fire Fund Drive


Fire Fund Drive

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If you wish to donate more than $1000, or a different amount than shown above, please mail your generous contribution check or email us to coordinate a credit card payment.     Abingdon Fire Company, c/o Fire Fund Contribution     

    3306 Abingdon Road, Abingdon, MD 21009 

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

Volunteers in the United States are 63 million strong – and hold up the foundation of our society.  They help their neighbors, serve their communities, and provide their expertise. Your contribution funds our critical services.  

Increasing Cost of Service

Over the last 15-20 years, the cost of providing these life-saving services has increased significantly.  Population increases have made it a challenge to keep up with the rising number of calls. A 20% increase in call volume just in the last 5 years alone, coupled with the decrease in the availability of volunteers able to commit the time needed to provide consistent coverage compound our challenges.

Fuel costs continue to rise.  The technological advances in the equipment we use helps us to save more lives  and property – however, that equipment comes at a cost.   

Volunteerism Today

Our volunteers are some of the best examples of human compassion, sacrifice, and commitment.  For more than half a decade, this passion has allowed communities like Abingdon to have local ambulance services with volunteer labor. Historically, these volunteers have prevented payroll costs to residents and taxpayers.  

Donations are tax deductible. Abingdon Fire Company is a 5 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity.       

Tax ID: 52-0217685